Indian Railways Station Will Soon Have IRCTC Food Stalls on Platform

Food has always been a major concern for the passengers while travelling in Indian railways and IRCTC tried to address the issue be making the menu price available on IRCTC Next Generation website. In addition to this, it is also possible to book meals that can be delivered to you in train at the station that you wish to. These meals are delivered via your favourite restaurants.

This was about the food on the train but what happens when you are at the station and when you are hungry? Well, that had been another problem but in a recent update, Indian Railways allowed IRCTC to set up stalls on Railway Platform in order to provide affordable and hygienic food to the passengers travelling via India Railways.

Present Day Situation

At present, you will notice that the IRCTC Food Stalls are only present in Concourse are whereas all the stalls on the platform are from the local vendors. Some of these vendors provide bad quality food and they also end up overcharging the passengers. This didn’t go well with passengers or with IRCTC either.

New Updates

After assessing the situation, IRCTC decided to change the scenario and Indian Railways shared a circular with all the zonal officials. The circular directed the officials to facilitate the setup of IRCTC managed food stalls on platforms of the railway stations.

It is also known that IRCTC is set to take up the charge of the pantry in the trains which is presently being served by third-party vendors. As per the information available, this change will happen as and when the contract of these third-party vendors expire.

Promoting Transparency and Hygiene

In order to promote hygiene and accountability, IRCTC said that they will also live stream the video of the activities in the kitchen so that it can be ensured that the food preparations are hygienic. This will surely help IRCTC in overturning the present image that it carries in the people’s mind.

Our Opinion

This is certainly one of the best move taken by IRCTC in the recent times which are going to benefit millions of people who travel by IRCTC. The move will also help IRCTC in improving the revenue and increasing the profitability. A lot of people are already waiting for the implementation of the plan and for more information, you can visit,